Administrator's Page - Carol Carignan


Welcome to the Jackson Early Childhood Center website!

As the administrator here at Jackson, I come with a variety of early childhood experiences.  Since the administration of the programs at Jackson is a new role for me, I wanted to take the chance to introduce myself and tell you my background.  In my early years in Livonia Schools, I served as a speech pathologist to our early childhood programs, and eventually became the department chairperson for the district speech pathology department.  In July of 2011, I was named to a position as a Special Education Coordinator, and my role included overseeing all the preschool programs for students with special needs, which were primarily housed at that time at Perrinville Early Childhood Center.  Since the closure of Perrinville, I have continued to oversee and coordinate the ECP program, the preschool ASD program, and the GSRP program for Livonia Schools.  In my role here at Jackson Center, I will continue with oversight of these programs, as well as general oversight of the preschool and daycare programs.

Here at Jackson, we are proud to house a variety of programs to help enhance the learning needs of students.  Whether you are interested in our daycare program, preschool and preschool enrichment classes, or classes and services for your child who has a disability, we are here and ready to help assist you and your family. 

Our staff is a group of committed and trained/certified individuals, who take your child’s growth seriously.  Our programs are either licensed by the State of Michigan, or operate under the guidelines set forth by the State to meet special education criteria.  We are proud to serve our families with evidence-based curricular components that are proven to encourage the development of the foundational skills for preschool children.  Our goal is to continue to encourage your child’s overall development and to prepare them for the next phase of learning.  I look forward to meeting many of you over the next months, and welcome your questions and comments about our programs, especially regarding how we might continue to be of service to you and your preschooler.

Carol Carignan

734-744-2813 ext:22990