Koala Classroom News

November, 2017, Newsletter

Along with the autumn season comes a new array of exciting, fun activities for this month!  The kids will be learning about and doing different activities with the color “brown” and the “rectangle” shape.

Our library visits are Thursdays and Fridays each week.  Please bring your child’s book back each week so that they may be able to pick out another book to take home.

Scholastic book orders will be going home again this month.  Our Class Code is:  QDRBFThe due date for orders will be November 10th.

The week of November 6th we will be learning about “Health & Nutrition”.  The kids will be doing age appropriate activities with the different food groups.  We will also be discussing proper hand washing and “covering our sneezes” as well as the importance of moving our bodies and getting enough sleep.

Gleaner’s Food Drive will be from November 6-10th.  Information went home from our Administrator regarding this event and is also posted on our parent board.

The week of November 13th will be our “Thanksgiving” theme.  We will learn about the Pilgrims and Native Americans and also do some activities with Indian corn.  I will incorporate manners into this week as well, as we have been working on using “please” and “thank you” in class.

Our annual Thanksgiving parade will be Monday, November 20th, at 10:00 a.m. 

Please note that Wednesday, November 22nd, we will offer child care for contracted children only.  Holiday care contracts went out a couple of weeks ago for November 22nd as well as the two week Christmas holiday.  These are due by Friday, November 6th.

Jackson Early Childhood Center will be closed on Thursday and Friday,   November 23rd and 24th.

The final week of the month we will be reading different versions of the Gingerbread man (there are so many) and doing some fun activities!

Have a wonderful month and gear up for the holidays!!

Ms. Gail, Ms. Mary, Ms. Patti, Ms. Bianca