Koala Classroom News

May/June, 2018, Newsletter

I feel pretty confident that spring is officially here! On that note, please feel free to take home your child’s winter wear (snow pants, etc.).  Also, you may want to take a look at the change of clothes that are in their bins and exchange the clothes for summer-type wear.  We will now be applying sunscreen when we are going outside, if you bring sunscreen for your child.

May is filled with many fun activities for the children!  The week of May 7th we will be celebrating Mom’s, so look for lots of pretty, flower-type activities coming home.  The “Barnyard Express” is coming to Jackson during this week.  The Koalas will be visiting the farm presentation on Wednesday, May 9th, from 9:00-9:45.  If you would like your child to see this presentation and do not normally come to school on this day, you are welcome to bring your child and stay with them during the presentation.

The color for the month is "yellow" and the shape will be a "pentagon".

Please look for the scholastic book order to come home.  This will be the last book order for the year.  Orders will be due by May 21st.

The week of the 14th will be our “Bug” theme.  Lots of fun crafts planned with Ants, Bees, Caterpillars and Butterflies.

Tuesday, May 15th, we will be having a field day.  All of our childcare classes will be combined outside and participating in sport-type activities as well as bubbles, chalk and the climbers will be available for free-style play.

Our farm theme will be the week of May 21st.  We will be discussing the job of the farmer and focusing on cows, chicks/hens, horses, sheep, pigs and the use of tractors.

We have bike days planned for Wednesday, May 23rd and Thursday, May 24th.  Please bring your child’s bike and helmet for participation.

There will be no school on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28th.

A transportation theme is planned for the last week of May with car, train, plane and boat  activities planned.

The first week of June (which is the last week of our school year (yikes!); we will have a casual wrap-up theme of “Goodbye Koalas”.  I will try to incorporate the kid’s favorite activities as well as a review of skills we have learned throughout the year. 

A pizza/ice cream fun lunch is planned for Thursday, June 7th.  $2.00 to cover the cost of our lunch is due by Thursday, May 31st.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for helping to make our 2017/2018 Koala room so wonderfully successful!!  I can honestly say that in my seventeen years at Jackson, this was THE best year ever!!  The kids, parents and staff were all outstanding and, because of that, we were able to do many wonderful activities with the kids.

 It is incredibly fulfilling as a teacher to see these little guys grow so much over the course of a year!  Have a wonderful, safe summer and I look forward to seeing everyone in the fall (or at Garfield this summer)!

 Miss Gail, Miss Mary, Miss Patti and Miss Bianca