Koala Classroom News

February, 2017, Newsletter

February is typically such a dreary month that we like to put extra effort into making sure the activities are super interesting and fun for the kids!

We will continue our Polar Pals theme the first few days of the month.  The kids will be viewing some short educational videos of the Polar animals we have been discussing and what their environment looks like.  The staff has prepared some awesome art activities to go along with this theme!

The week of the 6th will be our Dental Health theme.  We will be discussing healthy and unhealthy food for our teeth as well as brushing, flossing and the tooth fairy.  I have an experiment planned to show them the effects of not brushing (egg soaked in coke – pretty effective!) and then how brushing makes them nice and clean again.

The third week is Valentine’s week.  We will be passing out Valentines to our friends on Tuesday, the 14th, but everyone will be included (if you normally don’t come on Tuesdays).  There are a total of 13 children in our class.  Please do not write names on the valentines.  Sample:  To: A Friend, From: (Your child’s name) Please remember that due to allergies, sensitivities and parent preferences, we cannot pass out any form of candy to the children.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  The childcare rooms will have a friendship sing-a-long with the other classes in the gym on Tuesday.  All the rooms will take turns leading the children in various songs.  We plan on doing lots of activities and games throughout the week focused on kindness, friendship and sharing.

The center will be closed on Monday, February, 20th, for mid-winter break.  The theme for this week will be “Pet week”.  Please bring in a picture of your family pet(s) for the children to share with the class.  We will be discussing how to care for pets as well as reading lots of fun stories and doing some fun activities.

The last week of the month will be “Dr. Seuss” week.  There will be some theme-based days this week:  Monday:  “Fox in Socks”,
Wear silly socks; 
Tuesday:  “The Cat in the Hat”, Wear a favorite hat;
Wednesday:  “Oh, the Places You Will Go", Wear your favorite travel shirt; Friday:  Let’s cozy up with a good book - PJ Day!!

Jackson Child Development Center will be participating in a reading activity for the month of February.  Attached you will find a “Reading Snowflake”.  When you read a book with your child during the month of February, write the title on the snowflake.  Your child may decorate and with your help, cut out their snowflake.  When each blank has been filled in, return the snowflake to our room for a special surprise.  You will also receive a new snowflake.  You may complete as many snowflakes as you would like during the month of February.

Also attached please find Scholastic Club book order forms for the Month of February.  Our customer order number is:  0562307413; Class Code:  QDRBF. The deadline for book orders is Friday, February 10th.  

Last but not least, I wanted to touch base on our PBIS program.  Our classroom is having incredible success using our green, yellow, red cards and rewarding positive behavior with golden tickets.  At the present time we are giving Honey Pot rewards for receiving 5 golden tickets.  This number will increase to 10 when the children are familiar with the program and what the expectations are.  There are many children who are making two trips to the Honey Pot, per day.  As you can imagine, we are flying through our Honey Pot prizes!  If anyone would like to donate small toys to our Honey Pot, it would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!!

Thank you for your continued support and have a wonderful month!

Ms. Gail, Ms. Maria, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Shannon, Ms. Carly