February News-MWF

February News-MWF 

February Themes

During the month of February, we will be busy learning about Love and Family, Valentine's Day, and Dental Health. We will also enjoy a fun filled trip to the Hawaii to enjoy the surf and sand!



With the help of our wonderful Zoo Phonics Friends, the children will continue to identify the letters of the alphabet and the sounds for each letter.  They really enjoy this exciting method for learning letters and sounds! 

We will also continue to work on many math skills by identifying and creating patterns, counting, and measuring objects. 



Conferences for 4 year old parents/guardians are scheduled for February 27th and March 1st.  As a result, no classes will be held on those days which was reflected in the tuition calculation.  Conferences will also be held on Tuesday, February 28th in the evening.  We will try to reserve those spots for parents who both work and cannot attend conferences during the day.  Conferences are 15 minutes per child.  I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your wonderful children.  


Valentine Party

On Monday, February 13th, we will have our Valentine party.  Please have your child sign Valentine cards to pass out to their classmates (23 for the A.M. class & 19 in the P.M. class).  Please leave the envelopes blank so that they will be easier for the children to pass out.  Please remember not to attach food items to the cards.


Mid-Winter Break

There is no class on Monday, February 20th due to mid-winter break.

Thanks for all of your cooperation and support! 

Mrs. Stickler & Mrs. Messer