April News-MWF


Dear Families,                                                                              

As we welcome spring and the beautiful weather, our April themes will be spring, caterpillars, butterflies, and how special we are.  Spring brings many wonderful changes.  We will be observing those as well as enjoying some warmth and sunshine during our daily outside time.  We will also learn about life cycles as we explore the magical metamorphosis of butterflies.

We will continue to review our letter and letter sounds with our wonderful Zoo Phonics animal friends.  Our letters for April will be u, v, & w.  A fun way to reinforce the letter of the week is to hang their letter animal up where your child sees it frequently.  Brainstorm words that begin with that letter, say the sound frequently, and practice writing the letter together.

April is the “Month of the Young Child”.  We will be celebrating your children at Jackson Early Childhood Center by wearing the color purple, creating purple projects, enjoying our time with your wonderful children, and participating in our purple parades on Wednesday, April 17th(10:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m.).  If the weather cooperates and we can hold the parade outdoors you are welcome to come cheer us on.  If we have to have it indoors, it will be for students only due to space limitations.  In honor of the "Month of the Young Child" our days to wear purple will be Monday April 8th, Wednesday April 17th, Wednesday April 24th, and Friday April 26th.

I really enjoyed meeting with all of you during conferences to talk about your wonderful children.  Please feel free to talk with us after class if you have any questions or concerns.

There is no school April 1st-April 5th due to spring break. Class will resume on Monday, April 8th 


Thanks for all of your cooperation and support! 

Mrs. Stickler & Messer