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Hello Busy Bee Parents and Families!

Spring is finally here, or at least it seems to bee!  We are so excited to get outside more and start exploring the nature that is around our school.
A lot has happened in the past few months, including our little bee Kareem leaving us and moving to another state! We will miss him so much and his bright smile in our hive.
We have two new students from the caterpillar room, we are so happy to add them to our hive and show them all that we do in our busy room!
As the school year comes to an end we will be really starting to focus on our routine and shaping it to look more like the older room for our ones moving up in the fall. We have been loving color and shape puzzles in the past few months and we will be adding animals and car puzzles to our mix as our bees development continues to grow!
As a school we will be practicing lock down drills this month, for our classroom that means we will be playing with quiet toys and reading stories with the lights off! My staff and I plan to make this a positive experience for our little ones and will continue our day fairly normal during the practice.  We have been working hard to perfect our plans for this and getting some practice is always welcomed and needed for these events.
We have so many fun things this month throughout our school this month, the music lady will be visiting, our purple parade, and another fun lunch! 

Below are important dates to mark on your calendars!
April 10- Practice lock down drill
April 11- Purple day!
April 12- Music lady & PTA meeting @7p
April 13- Fun lunch money due- $1
April 16- Fun lunch today & purple day
April 25- Fire drill @10a
April 26- Purple day & Purple parade!
April 27- Purple day & Purple parade!

Our themes for this month are as followed: Space, Nursery rhymes, Dinosaurs, and Fairies

Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Sherry
Ms. Laura, Ms. Sarah