The Monthly Buzz



Hello Busy Bee Parents and Families!

This school year has been so exciting and full of new things! October is going to be even busier in our room for our little bees.  We are going to be expanding our circle time by including two new songs for the children.

We are also very excited to try new sensory bins with real things from nature in them!  The bees seem to LOVE the grass, dirt, leaves etc we find outside while in the courtyard so we thought what better way to explore and learn about our earth than to bring it right in the classroom!

This month we will be focusing on fall things and Halloween by including them in everything from our sensory bins to our music and movement times!  The bees have been loving the musical instruments that we've had in the classroom as well so we will be including more of those in our learning experiences.

I am working on uploading pictures from the month of September so bare with me!  There are some wonderful pictures of our bees exploring our hive and outside.  I am also going to try and start a blog on here for you all to see that will include little bits of our day to day life in the hive so you can enjoy our little bees life in school with them!

We have SO many important dates this month which are listed below (more about some of the events will be sent home later this month):

October 2nd:
Picture Day @ 9am
October 5th: Room to Room scavenger hunt
October 6th: MSU v. UofM day! show which side your on!
October 12th: PTA meeting @ 7pm
October 17th: Fire drill @ 10am
October 24th: Fire trucks are coming to school! @ 10am
October 25th: Pizza Lunch!!!
October 27th: Room to Room Halloween edition
October 31st: HALLOWEEN PARADE @10:40 am

Ms. Stephanie,
Ms. Sherry, Ms. Laura and Ms. Sarah