October Newsletter Tuesday/Thursday

Dear Families,                                                                      2017


It’s hard to believe that October is already here! We have been enjoying getting to know one another during these first few weeks of school!  The children are adjusting nicely to coming to school, getting used to our routines and are enjoying exploring all of the centers and areas of the classroom.  There still may be days when your little one needs some extra reassurance at drop-off time.  Within a few minutes they are all busy with the activities of the day, learning and playing!


Now that we are getting used to the routines of the classroom, we hope to go outside often.  It is a favorite activity for children and a good motivator for joining in at cleanup time.  We will go outside when the weather permits.  Please make sure to dress accordingly and that your child wears rubber soled shoes.  If we are unable to go outside, we will either go to the gym or the gross motor room.  Also, remember our room can be very warm so layers work best!    


The school-wide “Virtue of the Month” is Responsibility.  We will be talking about this in our class and I invite you to check out the posting in the hall for ways you can encourage this virtue at home.  Also, look for the bulletin board in the main hall.


We are going to the Plymouth Apple Orchard for a field trip Tuesday, October 3rd.  Make sure to wear your apple t-shirts!  We go rain or shine – see you at 9:15!


Picture day is Thursday, October 5th during our school session.  The picture packet that came home explains the options available.   We won’t be doing any messy projects that day!


This month we will be celebrating the changes of the season.  We will be using our observation skills looking for signs of fall.  During the week of October 22nd our wonderful PTA helps our children celebrate fall with our “Fall Fest”.  The children will pick a pumpkin from our “pumpkin patch” in the gym and receive a tattoo sticker.  We will also enjoy apple juice and a doughnut back in our classroom.  The PTA monthly meeting is Thursday, October 12th at 7:00 p.m.  All are welcome to attend.  Please consider joining the PTA and supporting our school.


We will also be getting ready for Halloween.  We will be having our school parade and classroom celebration on Tuesday, October 31st.  Children will be able to wear their costumes to school, however no weapons or masks please.  Please look for the volunteer sign-up sheet in the hall if you would like to help in our room that day.  You will need to fill out an I-Chat form online.


I also wanted to remind you that you can always check my website for class information.  Just log onto livoniapublicschools.org and then click on Jackson Early Childhood Center.  Scroll down to teacher websites and click on Mrs. Curmi’s Classroom.  I post the calendar and newsletter, and any other special information.  I hope it is a useful tool for you!


Happy October!

Patty Curmi & Dawn Ehrenfeld