January Newsletter Monday/Wednesday




Dear Families,                                                                 January 2018


Happy New Year!  We hope that everyone had a restful and fun time enjoying the holiday break with friends and family!  Thanks to the volunteers for our holiday party!  I hope you enjoyed our holiday songs at school, too.   


January will be a fun month where we enjoy the joys of winter.  We know that the cold and snow are coming so we will have fun with it!  Children love the snow and we will go outside when the temperature permits (the school guideline is 20 degrees or above, including wind-chill).  Please remember to always be prepared with proper clothing for the weather (labeled hats, mittens, jackets, snow pants and boots).   Thanks for making sure that all items fit into a backpack or tote bag.  Also, if your child wears boots to school, please put their tennis shoes on when they get to school.  Boots are too warm and awkward to wear in the classroom, gym and gross motor room. 


This month we will continue to focus on the virtues “Mindfulness and Cooperation”.  Be sure to check out the suggested conversation starters in the hallway.  We will also continue our Zoophonics letters of the week. By the end of the month we will be halfway through the alphabet!


There is no school on Monday, January 15th


On Wednesday, January 24th we will be having our PJ Day!  Wear your PJ’s to school for a fun day! We won’t be going outside but make sure to wear tennis shoes!


This month Jackson Early Childhood Center is celebrating a favorite event – “VIP Night”.  On the evening of Wednesday, January 31st, your child and one special adult (the VIP) will attend class together from
6:00 – 7:30 p.m.  There will not be a morning session that day.  We look forward to this special night!  We’ll also have fun with dinosaurs that week!


Please send a clean, empty, half- gallon milk-type carton with your child by Monday, January 29th for a special activity in February. 


Thanks for sharing your wonderful children with us.  It is amazing how fast they are growing in so many ways.  It is such a joy to watch them blossom before our eyes. 


Happy Winter!

Patty Curmi and Dawn Ehrenfeld