December Newsletter Tuesday/Thursday



Dear Families,                                                                           2017


I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing and healthy Thanksgiving with family and friends.  It’s hard to believe that December is already here.   We are planning lots of fun activities and surprises, so watch for  “treasures” coming home.  I smile every year at this time as I pull out the “treasures” from my own children.  I hope you will enjoy yours too!  We will continue with our Zoophonics letters each week.  We will also be focusing this month on our school wide virtues, “Mindfulness/Cooperation”.


Thank you for your support of the Gleaner’s Food Drive and the PTA Yankee Candle fundraiser.  Both were very successful!  Please consider participating in the U.S. Marine Corps “Toys for Tots” program through December 12th.  Look for the large, gift wrapped boxes near both entrances.  The PTA meeting this month is Thursday, December 14th.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend!


On Thursday, December 21st we will be having our classroom celebration.  Please see the volunteer sign-up sheet in the hall and make sure to fill out an I-Chat form online.  I hope you will enjoy some special songs at the end of our class. 


Looking ahead, we will be having a special VIP night on Thursday, February 1st from 6:00 – 7:30 pm.  More information will be coming home about this special event where we come to school at night instead of during the day!


This time of year can be very stressful for parents as they try to get everything done for the holidays.  I would like to encourage you to try and take a step back and just enjoy this time with your little one as much as you can.  They would rather spend time making cookies, snuggling with a book, or playing with you than having a new, expensive electronic toy.  These are the most precious years together - enjoy them, they’ll go by quickly!


As always, if you have any special concerns or just want to share something with me, please feel free to talk with me before or after class.  There is not an afternoon class scheduled in our room so this is a good time if you want a lengthier, private talk.  You can also email me at


Just a reminder that as the weather gets colder, please make sure that your child brings proper outdoor clothing everyday, including warm jackets, hats, and mittens.  We will continue to enjoy the learning experiences outdoors as much as possible.  Once the snow begins, they will also need snow pants and boots.  Please make sure everything is labeled. 


The holiday break is December 23 - January 7.  Enjoy this special time of year!


Mrs. Curmi  & Mrs. Ehrenfeld