Welcome to Room 13!
AM Session: 9:00-11:30
PM Session: 12:30-3:30

Teacher: Courtney Wozniak
Paraprofessionals: Carrie Firth and Debbie Dugan

Our class just wrapped up our Dinosaur theme.  We had so much fun playing with the big and little dinosaurs.  We talked about dinosaurs hatching out of eggs, and various types of dinosaurs.  We talked about dinosaurs eating meat and vegetables, such as leaves.  We also compared the sizes of dinosaurs, and talked about some having long necks, or short arms.  We also built dinosaurs with our new dinosaur blocks.

The week of May 4 our theme is Water Animals.  We will be talking about both pond and ocean animals.  In both the morning and afternoon we will be painting a sea horse and starfish.  In the morning we will be making a frog craft, and in the afternoon we will be using our scissor skills to make an octopus and shaving cream to make a puffer fish.  Thursday, May 7 is Blue Day.  Don't forget to wear something blue and find something blue at home for show-and-tell!

The week of May 11 our theme will be Pets.  Our vocabulary will include cat, bird, bone, cage, dog, fish, lizard, turtle, bunny, spots and stripes, and either/or.  If you have a pet, we would love to see a picture!  We would love to have a show-and-tell of our pets on Thursday, May 14, by bringing in a picture of our pet and telling our classmates about our pet.

The weeks of May 18 and May 25 our theme will be Zoo.  Our vocabulary will include zoo animal names such as elephant, lion, kangaroo, giraffe, camel, bear, tiger, zebra, monkey, and zoo keeper.  We will also talk about other concepts like wet/dry, inside/outside, short/long, and big/little.  We will be creating our own zoo book, I am looking forward to seeing each student's creative side come out during this process.

As the weather gets warmer we will be going outside to play more often.  On days that the weather is nice, but the playground equipment is wet, we enjoy playing on the blacktop with bikes and cars.  Other days we enjoy playing on the playground equipment.  We have also been having fun playing with other classrooms while we are outside.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

The best way to reach me is through email: cwozniak@livoniapublicschools.org


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