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November 2018 Newsletter


Hello Families!

October has disappeared as quickly as the gloriously colored leaves from our school’s lovely Maple trees. Fall is truly upon us now, with cooler temperatures expected and the need for warmer clothing including outerwear (jackets, hats, and little knit mittens). We go outdoors daily as long as it is not raining and the temperature is above twenty degrees, including wind chill. *(During inclement weather we play indoors in either the big gym or gross motor room). The children have been having a blast, playing on our playground’s many climbing structures! And, just this past week our 3+ class had their second opportunity to experience playing in the big gross motor room!

The month of October offered us lots of fun fall & Halloween-themed activities, art projects, storybooks, flannel board stories, games and music! A big thank you to our awesome Jackson Center PTA, for sponsoring the ever-popular “October Fall Fest & Pumpkin Patch”. Our young students really enjoyed visiting the “Pumpkin Patch” to select their own little pumpkin to take home, decorate a picture frame, play in the “Corn Box”, and snack on doughnuts & apple juice!

We all enjoyed our Halloween Celebrations and Preschool Costume Parades, visiting other classrooms, our school administrative staff and front office staff as well! The children all looked terrific in their Halloween costumes! *A great big thank you to our terrific Halloween 3+ Party helpers – Ms. Barada (Ali’s Mama), Mrs. Foust (Colton’s Mama), Mrs. Kemppainen (Owen’s Mama), Mrs. Leavens (Reagan’s Mama), and Coraline’s Mama (Mrs. Urbanowicz)! And, a great big thank you to our Discovery 3’s Halloween Party helpers – Mrs. Grandmason (Vaughan’s Mama), Mrs. Horton (Henry’s Mama), Mrs. Hussein (Yara’s Mama), Mrs. Lang (Isabella’s Mama), Mrs. Lapasinskas (Rylan’s Mama), Mrs. Nichols (Sadie’s Mama), and Natalia’s Mama, Mrs. Stewart!  Thank you, ladies, your assistance was greatly appreciated!


It is encouraging to see our young students’ interest in letters, their sounds, related Zoophonic actions and characters. We have already introduced letters “Aa” through “Ee” and are routinely working on activities associated with the letters. They are creating “Zoophonics art with Mrs. Hendra and practicing letter sounds and character recognition. They are practicing writing every Tuesday and Thursday, letter tracing in their Zoophonics journals and will begin name tracing). Every day we are working on math skills such as: number identification, counting, patterning, seriation (size and sometimes order). November promises to keep us all busy as well, filled with anticipation of the fast approaching holiday season!

*With that said, the Cold & Flu season has arrived and we ask that you keep your children home if they are ill, vomiting or registering a fever within the past 24 hours. *If your child has a communicable disease (i.e. Strep Throat; Pink Eye; Chicken Pox; Lice; etc.), please call our school phone (734) 744-2813 immediately so that we can alert our classroom families.


November’s Monthly Virtue Theme - “THANKFULNESS”! We must all be mindful that “there is always, always something to be thankful for”.

November Weekly Storybook Themes:

1.  Winter Birds! Storybooks: The Baby Owls & Honk! Honk! A story of migration!

2.  Turkey Week!

3.  Happy Thanksgiving!

4.  Gingerbread Week! Storybooks: Gingerbread Baby; The Gingerbread Girl; & The Gingerbread Boy!


November Events & Dates

·       Monday, November 5th through Friday, November 9th - Jackson Early Childhood Center continues our annual participation in the Gleaners Food Bank Collection, in our shared effort to care for families in need. Along with staff, we are asking our families to consider donating food items (nonperishable canned and boxed food items). *We cannot accept food items in glass containers as breakage is an issue! Collection boxes will be located in the main halls. This is a wonderful way to teach our children to remember those in need. Thank you.  

·       Wednesday, November 14th (7:00 p.m.) – Jackson Center PTA meeting (Staff Lounge).

·       Thursday, Nov. 15th is Color BROWN Day!

·       Wednesday, Nov.21st through Friday, November 23rd – School is closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday.



Wishing all of my wonderful families a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday, one filled with love, laughter and delicious food! Safe travels everyone.

Mrs. Oppermann