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September, 2018 Newsletter


Hello Families,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you and your children into our newly renovated Jackson Early Childhood Center! We are very excited with all the changes, especially in our classroom, rm. 17 (south main hall).

My name is Gretchen Oppermann, my teaching assistants this year are Mrs. Chlebek (3+) and Mrs. Hendra (Dis. 3’s). We are all looking forward to getting to know your children. Our 3+ class is on Tuesday/Thursday mornings (8:45 – 11:45 a.m.) and our Discovery 3’s is on Thursday afternoons (1:00 – 3:00 p.m.).

My programs offer an enhanced early literacy program, based upon wonderful children’s literature. Many of our weekly themes are storybook-based, consisting of teacher directed, developmentally appropriate activities including early math and numeracy, science, early writing, Zoo-phonics (3+ only), art, sensory play, and music & movement. Our schedule includes large and small group activities, as well as self-directed activities/exploration areas. We have daily gross motor play (gym, gross motor room and/or outdoor play - weather permitting) and a great deal of fun!

We will be encouraging our young students to use their words to communicate their ideas, needs and wants. We will assist them to solve simple problems themselves and work on sharing, helping behaviors, following directions, taking turns, and good listening skills.

Our monthly newsletters and calendars will be posted on our board in the hallway and on my teacher website. To access my website simply type in our school district website at

1.    Click on PARENTS at the top


3.    Click on my name, GRETCHEN OPPERMANN


Important items:

·       We will be introducing our young 3+ Preschool students to the “Zoo-phonics” program during the school year. It is a fun, age appropriate program that teaches the letter names, sounds and a signal or movement for each Zoo-phonics animal character. Weekly Zoo-phonic “Letter” art projects are made by the children as well.

·       Each month our entire school focuses on a different “Virtue Theme” that I will present to the children, along with a recommended storybook reading and talking points for discussion. Our virtue for the month of September is “Respect”.

·       Each month we also highlight a color! Thursday, Sept. 13th is “YELLOW” Day! Children may wear yellow if they so choose.

·       Our school-wide PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) program begins immediately. The focus of this program is aimed at encouraging our children to consistently make good behavioral choices, receiving “golden tickets for positive behavior that they can redeem for rewards (toy items, etc.).

·       Helper of the Day opportunities allow each child to be my special helper several times throughout the year. The Helper may bring one item of their choice for “show and tell” (only the Helper of the Day is permitted to bring an item to share). They will assist Mrs. Oppermann at Greeting Time (welcoming each classmate to class); Circle Time Assistant with activities such as calendar, weather, designated line leader, etc. A schedule will be posted in the hallway.

·       Our scheduled classroom library day and time will be assigned shortly. The children will select a book to bring home and share, returning the following week.

·       Our gym/outdoor playtime are scheduled for both Tuesdays and Thursdays.

·       Weekly Snack Menus (3+ only) are posted in the classroom.


Additional items:

1.    Please make sure that all forms are completely filled out and turned in on or before our first day. It is imperative that all allergies are discussed with myself or my assistant and included on appropriate forms. Thank you.

2.    School-appropriate attire: Comfortable play clothes and rubber-soled shoes (no sandals/open-toed shoes please).

3.    Backpacks with your child’s name should include an extra change of clothing (pull-up if needed for D 3’s).

4.    Scholastic Book orders are offered throughout the year, you will find order information on my website.

5.    Last, but certainly not least, please consider becoming a member of our Jackson Early Childhood Center PTA. Our incredible PTA, is comprised of hard working, dedicated parents and staff, working together providing enrichment programming, assemblies and gifts to our school and classrooms that both enhance and benefit our programs and students. PTA meetings are scheduled monthly on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in our staff lounge.

6.    Oops! I do have one classroom request from each family

-         Round, metal frozen concentrated juice container lids!


Your classroom packet will include a copy of the 2018 - 2019 school calendar; a copy of our daily schedule, a copy of our Zoo-phonics cast of characters, sounds and motion, a copy of our Jackson School Song and a few additional and hopefully helpful items.

*Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions at 


Thank you,

Mrs. Oppermann