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January 2019 Newsletter


Dear Families!

A very “Happy New Year” to you all! This heartfelt holiday greeting embodies all of my very best wishes for each of our lovely young families as we move into the New Year. We hope that all of you have enjoyed this season of holidays, experiencing all that fills you with joy.

I would like to thank everyone for your very generous Christmas gifts to both my assistant, Mrs. Hendra and myself. Your thoughtfulness and kindnesses were most appreciated.

We are looking forward to starting a brand-new year together, beginning after the holiday break:  3+ T/TH A.M. class returns to school on Tuesday, January 8th and Discovery 3’s P.M. class returns on Thursday, January 10th

It is a daily pleasure and a real joy watching your children as they grow and mature, learning to control their impulses and self-regulate, practicing their listening skills, stretching their attention spans and incorporating classroom rules.  These are both energetic, young classrooms “working” very hard every day. Remember, “play is the work of children”!

December provided us with so many wonderful memories:  lots of holiday sensory play, games, art activities, even secretly making parent gifts. Our 3+ T/TH students really enjoyed our school-wide Holiday Sing-a-long event. They had been practicing Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza songs with our Miss Autumn and finally, at long last actually singing and jingle-belling at the Dec. 18th concert and doing “The Reindeer Pokey”! Our little Discovery 3’s had fun singing holiday songs with jingle bells with Mrs. Oppermann!

Our Holiday Celebration Parties, found the children singing Christmas sings; busy with holiday art activities; decorating mini Christmas Trees; making beaded bracelets (great fine motor practice); playing with red & green playdough; playing snowball toss; decorating and gobbling their Christmas cookies; assisted by our awesome volunteer Mamas! At the end of our festivities, the children enjoyed sharing in our Holiday Friendship Book Exchange. *(Thank you, families, for participating in this holiday inspired gift book exchange and thank you to Mrs. Vaughn and Mrs. Bator for the extra books)!

A Great Big Thank You To All of Our Amazing Holiday Celebration Helper Mamas!

3+ Class: Ms. Barada (Ali’s Mama); Ms. Foust (Colton’s Mama); Ms. Kemppainen (Owen’s Mama); Ms. Leavens (Reagan’s Mama); Ms. Porman (Brock’s Mama); Ms. Pavlovich (Elijah’s Mama); Ms. Spiker (Ryan’s Mama) and Mrs. Urbanowicz (Coraline’s Mama)!

Discovery 3’s Class: Ms. Birrell (Austin’s Mama); Ms. CdeBaca (Cameron’s Mama); Ms. Grandmason (Vaughan’s Mama); Ms. Hussein (Layla’s Mama); Ms. Lapasinskas (Rylan’s Mama) and Ms. Nichols (Sadie’s Mama)!


January News:

On Tuesday, January 29th (9:00 – 9:45 a.m.), our 3+ T/TH a.m. class will attend our PTA sponsored annual concert with the Beverly Meyers, the “Music Lady”!

Zoophonics: Letters of the Week for the month will include – “Kk”, kayo kangaroo, “Ll”, lizzy lizard; “Mm”, missy mouse; and “Nn”, nigel the night owl.

Monthly Virtue Theme: Manners!  “It’s cool to use good manners at school”.

January Weekly Storybook Themes:  We will be reviewing basic concepts (Zoophonic Letters, Numbers, Shapes, Classroom/School Rules) throughout this month. The first week of January we will be focusing on “Polar Animals”! The second week “When It Starts to Snow” by Phillis Gershator. During the third week we will be concentrating on Mrs.  Oppermann’s favorite winter theme storybook, the Caldecott Award winner, “Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats!  The last week of January focuses on “Snowmen” (Hopefully, we will have some snow)!


 January Events & Dates:

Tuesday, January 8th - *Our first 3+ class of 2019!

Wednesday, January 16th - Jackson PTA Meeting – 7:00 p.m. (Lounge)!



Thank you, dear families, for your continued patience, support and assistance!

Fondly, Mrs. Oppermann