October News-MWF

October Newsletter-Room 17



Dear Parents,

            We are off to a great start in Room 17!  The children are adjusting to the routine and interacting very well with each other.  We have been working very hard on name recognition as well as writing or tracing names.  One way to help your child practice writing their name at home is to write it with a highlighter or light color marker and have them trace over it with pencil.

Daily calendar and tabletop activities have provided many opportunities for counting, sorting, patterning, and number recognition.  Dancing and singing to the music has helped us learn how much fun we have in our room.  The children love the free art table where they can be creative.  We will be adding things as we go such as glue, many scraps for them to use, stickers, and finally scissors.  Scissor practice is very important at home as well as at school. Paper punches and picking items up with tweezers are also great for fine motor practice.  We have enjoyed our daily time outside.  Be sure to send appropriate outerwear as the weather gets cooler.

October will be a busy month for us.  We will be learning about fire safety and the changes that the season of fall brings.  Halloween will provide opportunities for using our imaginations. 

            Class pictures will be taken on Friday, October 5th.  Picture flyers have been distributed.  Please choose one color background and return the flyer to school with your child’s name on it.  On picture day, order forms for pictures will come home with a sample of your child’s picture attached.  We are unable to allow items from home in photos or sibling pictures due to the number of students we need to have photographed.  We would also like to encourage you to purchase your pictures online, if possible.

            Fall Fun is sponsored by the PTA and will take place October 22nd-26th.  The children enjoy the opportunity to have donuts and apple juice, pick out their very own pumpkin and get a Halloween tattoo.  Please be sure to join the PTA as they do a lot of wonderful things for the children of Jackson Early Childhood Center.

            On Wednesday, October 31st we will have a Halloween celebration in the classroom.  Please have your child arrive in his/her costume on that day.  Parents will be invited in to the classroom to take a group picture before class begins.  

            One exciting upcoming event in November will be our fieldtrip to the Marquis Theatre, in Northville, to see “Tinkerbell Visits Storyland” on Monday, November 19th.  The show begins at 10:00 a.m. and we will meet at 9:45 a.m. in front of the theatre.  Each child may bring one adult with them to the performance.   We will be sending home separate information regarding this fieldtrip.  

            Thank you for your cooperation.  Have a wonderful October.  Happy Halloween!


Mrs. Stickler & Mrs. Messer