Ms. Andrea's Contact Information

I'm a firm believer that communication is one of the keys to success ! Communicating with the families in my classroom is extremely important to me . Here are the various ways that you can contact me throughout the day. 

 Jackson Center Email- 

 (734) 744-2813 Ext. 22020 

A Note from Home- Located near the parent information board is a black folder with copies of "a note from home" if you ever feel as though you need to touch base please feel free to take a note and turn it in ( upside down for privacy) in the basket on top of the mailboxes that is labeled " A Note From the Teacher" 

A Note From the Teacher- I have created, "A Note From the Teacher", If I feel that I need to touch base with you I will write out a note and place it in your child's lunch bag. Also on the note there's a section that lets you know if your child needs any supplies, such as wipes, pull-ups or bedding etc.