Tigers Daily Schedule

Tiger Times! 
The Tiger's Daily Schedule 
- 7:00am-8:45am- Welcome Tiger's: Free Play 
(Breakfast is served from 7:30am-8:15am) 
-8:50am-9:20am- Group
-9:30am-9:45am  Morning Snack 
-9:45am-10:05am-Music and Movement /Explain Centers 
-10:05am-10:55am Learning Centers/ Art 
11:00am-11:25am-Outside Time 
11:30am-11:50am- Gym/Gross Motor Room
11:50am-12:00pm- Prepare for lunch /Hand Washing 
12:30pm-12:45pm- Stories/ Bathrooms 
12:45pm-2:45pm - Nap 
2:45pm-3:10pm- Clean up/ Bathrooms
3:40pm-4:10pm-Gym/ Gross Motor 
4:15pm -5:15pm-Outisde Play / Indoor Choices 
6:00pm - Center Closes 

- Schedule is subject to change due to weather / special event