The curriculum is centered by developmentally appropriate practices and incorporates the following concept and skill Areas: 

Math: number to object correlation, number recognition, patterning, sorting and sequencing, utilize the district Everyday Math Program

Literacy: The students who indicate readiness will have opportunities to incorporate letter and sound recognition, letter formation, recognize basic sight words and utilize zoo-phonics.

Science: exploration into theme-based lessons integrating sensory mediums

Art: provide opportunities for children to use and manipulate mediums including crayons, markers, paint tools, scissors, glue sticks and pencils to create theme based projects. The goal of the lesson is to celebrate the process without regard to the end product as it gives children the opportunity to practice and master fine motor skills while creating their individual masterpieces.

The children will have scheduled time in the building library on a weekly basis. They will be allowed to check out and return books each week to help develop a passion for literacy. They also will enjoy the gym, gross motor room and outdoor play structures daily, to help develop large muscle strength and coordination.

The major focus in this classroom is learning independence and fostering self-help skills. We will encourage the children to make their own cots, clean up their own snack, dress themselves (coats, etc.) and unpack their own lunches. We also work on the skill of problem solving. We encourage the children to try and solve problems amongst themselves using their words and classroom techniques, with adult guidance when necessary.

Naptime will look differently for your child in this room. They will be offered a one and a half hour nap time. The center nap policy has each child lying on a cot for twenty minutes. If they are not sleeping at the end of twenty minutes, they will receive a book to look at for an additional twenty minutes. If they are still awake at this point, they will get up and go to a table and partake in quiet table activities for the remainder of the nap time.