Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)


Our goal in implementing Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) is to encourage children to consistently make good behavioral choices.
  • increased time for instruction
  • an increase in positive behaviors school-wide
  • a decrease in disruptive behaviors.

What is PBIS?

A research based prevention model designed to increase time for learning, while decreasing disruptive behavior. 


  • Encourages desirable behavior
  • Maintains a positive focus to strengthen social skills
  • Teaches respect, responsibility and safety


  • Provides expectations within each area of the school
  • Uses a framework to teach and reinforce expectations through direct instruction
  • Provides consistent, predictable, and fair use of consequences in a positive manner
  • Staff gathers data to guide implementation and track success of program

Parents Can Help By: 

  • Reinforcing and discussing the Behavioral Expectations Matrix with your child on a regular basis
  • Requiring your child to speak respectfully and follow the school rules
  • Reviewing positive behavior responses with your child
  • Supporting staff and administrative behavior decisions
  • Volunteering to help with the school PBIS celebrations and recognition events
  • Joining the PTA