Virtue of the Month & Talking Points!


Book: Friends by Rob Lewis

1. How can you be a good friend today?
2. Who are your friends? What are their names?
3. Why are they your friends?
4. How should we treat our friends? What does a friend do? 

"A circle is round and has no end, that's how long I want to be your friend."


October-Good Choices

Book: Bucket Filling from A to Z/The Key to being Happy by Carol McCloud and Caryn Butzke

1. How do you make good choices?
2. How do you know you're making good choices?
3. How do you help your friends make good choices?
4. What should you do if your friends are not making good choices? 

"Good choices make good days."



Book: Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes 

1. What are you thankful for?
2. How do you show others that you are thankful?
3. How do you think it makes others feel when you tell/show them you are thankful for something? 
4. Should you only be thankful when someone buys you something? Could you be thankful for mom/dad reading you book, or making you one of your favorite foods?

"There is always, always, always something to be thankful for."



Books: Please is a good word to say 
Bear says Thank You 
Penguin says Please

1. Tell me about a situation where you would have to say please/thank you.
2. If an adult is speaking to someone else, what would you say if you need their attention?
3. If someone holds the door open for you, what do you say to them?
4. Tell me some good table manners.

"It's cool to use good manners at school." 



Books: Lion and the Mouse-Aesop's Fable

1. Can you name three kind things to do for others?
2. Have you been kind to someone today? If not, why not? if so, who? What did you do?
3. Who has been kind to you today or another day? How did it make you feel?
4. Why is it important to be kind to people?

"Kindness leads to more kindness."



Book: Berenstain Bears and the Truth by Stan and Jan Berenstain 

1. What is honesty?
2. Have you ever broken anything and didn't tell an adult?
3. Who would you tell if you knew someone was lying?
4. Why is it best to be honest? 

"Honesty is the best policy."


Book: Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae

1. What does respect mean to you?
2. How can you show respect to your teacher?
3. How can you show respect to your parents?
4. How can you show respect to your brother/sister?

"Accept and Respect: we are all different." 



Book: The Pigsty by Mark Teague

1. What does responsibility mean to you?
2. What are some of your responsibilities at home?
3. How can you be responsible student? son or daughter?
4. Parents~ Have you given your child age-appropriate chores? Ex. Carrying own backpack,clearing dishes, picking up clothing.  

"Always do your best."



Book: Swimmy 

1. What is cooperation? What is your favorite board game to play with your family?
2. What is everyone's job in your family to help with dinner (meal)?
3. How were you cooperative when it came time to get ready for bed?
4. What did you do to help get yourself ready for school today?

"Working together makes the work fun."



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