MWF P.M. Daily Schedule



            Monday P.M.                                       Wednesday P.M.                               Friday P.M.

12:45  Children enter classroom    12:45  Children enter classroom    12:45  Children enter classroom                Hang up coats and bags                   Hang up coats and bags                  Hang up coats and bags

12:50  Group Time    
  12:50  Group Time     12:50  Group Time 

(Group Time will include Attendance, Special Helper, Calendar, "Days of the Week" song, 
Weather, and Zoo Phonics)

1:20 -1:40 
Gym                         1:20  Snack                                  1:20-1:40  Gross Motor Room

1:45  Snack                                 1:40  Themed Activities             1:45  Snack

2:10  Themed Activities                2:20  Clean Up                             2:10  Themed Activities                                                                  
2:55  Clean Up                            2:30  Group Time                         2:55  Clean Up
(Second Group Time will include Music, Themed Stories, and Finger Plays. We will go outside daily,
weather permitting)                                                                     

3:05  Group Time           2:45 
Library                               3:05   Group Time            

3:20  Outside                               3:20  Outside   3:20  Outside 

3:40  Talk with parents                 3:40  Talk with parents                 3:40  Talk with parents  

(At this time the helper of the day and Mrs. Stickler will discuss and show the day's activities.
Upcoming events and news will also be discussed)

3:45  Dismissal                            3:45  Dismissal                             3:45  Dismissal