Recommended products
These links are for websites and products frequently requested by parents.  They are here for your information, but the products described are in no way required! It's often possible to comparison shop online for a better price, which I encourage.  If you are considering purchase of sensory or other equipment, it may be available as a brief loan from school to test effectiveness. Remember, close supervision is needed for all sensory strategies and equipment! 

Oral Motor

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"Chew"elry is a great way to keep kids from chewing on their clothes, while letting them work through their chewing tendencies. It's available in many colors and a "mega" size.
Grabber Mouthing Toy
This item is a good substitute for mouthing environmental non-food items. It is shown at this link in extra tough and scented, but many other styles are available.
Chewy Tubes
This product is frequently used for students who mouth non-food objects. For some students, saliva may leak out the hollow end of the tube.
 Munchkin's Miracle 360 cup
This unique, spoutless, sippy cup supports natural oral development by allowing children to drink from anywhere around the rim, just like a regular cup, but without the spills - it automatically seals when they're done taking a drink! Nice for transitioning children from bottles or spouted cups to drinking from an open cup.
Acrylic Counter Top Mirror 
This acrylic mirror is a great way to provide visual information to children about what is going on in and around their mouths during eating, tooth-brushing, drinking, loose-teeth, etc. This additional sensory information can help reduce anxiety for children surrounding mealtime and oral/dental care. It can be placed on the table or counter top at eye level for the child and because it is acrylic, it is safe if dropped. 


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Bumpy Cushion
Once they sit down on this item, it disappears! Children can move without getting up. Nice for children with low muscle tone to enhance their trunk while sitting.
Adjustable Chair
This ingenious chair works well for providing supported seating for children 6 months to 15 years old. It assures the child is at the right height for the table, and has supported feet, no matter the child's size.

Sensory Organizing

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Compression Vest
This vest provides deep pressure on the torso and shoulders. Some students find it organizing. The Southpaw website provides many unique, playful, and therapeutic products.
OT Vest
This item is a blue jean vest, with weighted insert across the shoulders and upper back. It looks great on kids, and some children find it calming and organizing.
 The Fidget Factory
This is a website where you and your child can design a custom made, individualized Fidget Buddy. A Fidget Buddy is a transportable tactile device that many children find calming and organizing to touch. Having a fidget can help some students to concentrate better by allowing them to transfer their extra energy to the sensory device. 

Skill Development

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Handwriting Without Tears
This is the handwriting curriculum we follow in Perrinville's AI program, and it is also used in other programs in the district. Very user-friendly, age appropriate, and oriented toward movement and multi-sensory experience.
Disposable Underpads 
These disposable bed pads are great for toilet training. They are an easy way to clean up accidents when transitioning children from diapers/pull-ups to underwear at night, without the hassle of washing a mattress pad.  


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Personalized Dog Tags
These good-looking, custom dog tags are cute for zipper pulls on backpacks and jackets. They can be used for identifying a non-verbal child, or other medical alert information.
Wireless Door Alarm
If your child has ever opened a door or window without you knowing, this product may be helpful. It can also be turned off, or set to chime when open. Such a deal: 2 for $19.99!
Stove Knob Covers
These large, clear knob covers were designed for stoves, but may also be useful for some faucets. Easy access door for adults.