Preschool OT YouTube Channel

To provide resources and consultation to families in an accessible way, I have recorded these presentations and published them on YouTube. In the past, we have hosted 'Parent Information Talks' where parents could come and listen to these presentations in person, but let's face it: it can be tough to get out the door in the evening with young children! We hope that by having these resources online, parents and families can learn all the same information, at your own convenience.  

YouTube Presentation on Sensory Function

Does your child's behavior leave you puzzled? Does your child have strong preferences towards food or clothing? Does your child seek out rough-house play or shy away from physical situations? Find out why these behaviors make perfect sense for your child and get some answers and advice for how to respond to your child's sensory needs.

You Tube Presentation on Handwriting

Students in the Livonia Public Schools preschool programs are taught using the Handwriting Without Tears approach.  This video shows materials and tasks that promote attention, fine motor development, body awareness, mature grasp, and letter awareness in a FUN, informal way.

YouTube presentation on Picky Eating

Building mealtime success: Information for families and other care-givers regarding changing mealtime environments. Adapted from the SOS approach of Kay Toomey, PhD. 

YouTube presentation on Toilet Training

Learn about prerequisite skills for toilet training and two approaches to successful teaching.  You've got this!

YouTube presentation on OT Consultation

This video describes how consultative occupational therapy works in my school practice. This video shows examples of projects that have been particulatly effective. Content may be of interest to professionals, OT students, and parents. 

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