OT Service Delivery

In the preschool program for autistically impaired learners at Roosevelt, occupational therapy service is consultative.  I am responsible for updating information, collaborating with classroom staff, deciding how best to use OT techniques and equipment, and sharing that information with staff. 

We are fortunate at Roosevelt to have a highly trained group of teachers and paraprofessionals with many specialized skills.  Through ongoing training and collaboration, every care provider a child encounters at Roosevelt will be empathetic to his or her sensory and developmental needs, and have training and experience with a variety of intervention techniques.

I am frequently involved with teaching specific fine motor skills like pre-handwriting, fasteners, coat and locker management, and opening lunch containers, as well as updating our school's obstacle course, ball skills, and tricycle riding.

I am also available as a consultant to families.  I problem-solve with parents and outside care providers on a variety of topics from sensory differences to toilet training to selective eating.  Please email me if I can be of service!  jmolnar@livoniapublicschools.org