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May 2019 Newsletter


Dear Families,

May has arrived and with it, a time for exploring nature’s treasures, gathering flowers (dandelions and wild flowers), looking for squirrels, birds, ducks, and bugs … simply enjoying playing in the great outdoors, fresh air, and sunshine!

 May also means the end of our school year is fast approaching. Our busy classrooms  have grown so much in so many ways this year, but we still have much to learn and experience during this, our last full month together. In the days and weeks ahead we will be learning about “Farm Animals”. During this first week of May, we will be attending the very special PTA sponsored Barnyard Express” Farm show with “Farmer John and his animals! It is a fun, forty minute farm animal educational program! Our Second week is dedicated to our awesome mothers in “Celebrating Moms”! The Third week of the month finds us learning about “Flowers” and the last week of May finds us learning about “Pond Life”!

 Our 3+ students are continuing to work on number, shape and letter recognition; counting and writing their names. They along with the young Discovery 3’s students delight in being with their classmates; storybook readings; flannel board stories; music and movement; sensory play; gym and outdoor play!

Our recent annual April Celebration of the Young Child’s “Purple Parade” was a great deal of fun even though we had to have it indoors due to inclement weather! Our students marched happily, wearing their “Purple Hats” while adding to the festive sounds using their rhythm sticks! We enjoyed seeing all the classroom “Purple Paraders”!


 I would like to express my sincere appreciation to our extremely dedicated and hardworking Jackson Center PTA for their commitment to enhance and enrich the school experience for our students, our families and staff.  Thank you one and all for an amazing year! I would like to encourage all of my young parents to consider becoming active members in our PTA, there are many volunteer positions available for next year! Contact them for further information or express an interest at


We are looking forward to the PTA sponsored  Jackson Early Childhood Center’s Annual Ice Cream Social at Rotary Park located at 6 Mile and Hubbard, scheduled for Friday, May 18th (5:00 – 8:00 p.m.). There will be Ice Cream, games, playground equipment, face painting, etc!  $1.00 Entry!  


*PTA Pre-sale Spree Tickets! – The discounted tickets will be available online or via a flyer, priced at $18.00 (a $12.00 savings)! Visit the PTA store at:

 Heads Up Reminders:

  • Young 5’s Round-up date is Wednesday, June 5th.
  • Kindergarten Round-up dates are Tuesday and Thursday, June 4th & 6th.


Zoophonics: Letters this month will include – “Xx”, “Yy” and “Zz” followed by review.


Monthly Virtue Theme: Responsibility!


May Weekly Themes:

  1. Farm Week! Theme storybook – “No, No, Titus!” by Claire Masurel.
  2. Celebrating Our Mothers! Theme storybooks – “Mama, Do You Love Me?” by Barbara M. Joose and “Are You My Mother?” by P.D. Eastman.
  3. A Week of Flowers!
  4. Pond Life! Theme storybooks including – “The Wide-Mouthed Frog” by Keith Faulkner, ”In The Small, Small Pond” by Denise Flemming and “I Don’t Want to be a Frog”!


May Events & Dates:

  1. Tuesday, April 30th - Barnyard Express Farm Visit (10:00 - 10:30/40 a.m.)!
  2. Wednesday, May 8th – Jackson PTA Meeting, 7:00 p.m. – Staff Lounge.
  3. Sunday, May 12th – Mother’s Day!
  4. Friday, May 17th – Jackson Ice Cream Social at Rotary Park (4:00 – 8:00 p.m.)! $1.00 entry. Join us for the fun!

  5. Monday, May 27th – Memorial Day! No School!
  6. Tuesday & Thursday, June 4th & 6th – Kindergarten Round-up!
  7. Wednesday, June 5th - Young 5’s Round-up!
  8. Thursday, June 13th – Last day of school! Bye-bye to all my kiddos



Big Hugs & Bye-byes to all my lovely families and especially to all my “kiddos”! I will miss you all more than you know.

With Heartfelt Appreciation for all your Support, Assistance and your many Generosities and Kindnesses,

 Mrs. Gretchen Oppermann