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Jackson Early Childhood Center

3+ T/TH a.m. Class

& Discovery 3’s TH p.m. Class

February, 2019 Newsletter


Dear Families!

The month of hearts, valentines, friendship, and kindness is upon us! During the first week of February, our theme is Kindness, Sharing & Caring. Both classrooms will be decorating “valentine bags” in preparation for our class Valentine’s Day Celebrations on Thursday, February 14th. Students are asked to bring valentines for each of their classmates, (20 students in our 3+ T/TH morning class & 14 students in our Discovery 3’s Thursday afternoon class). Children (or parents) may sign their names on the backs of their cards. At closing Circle Time, we will have our valentine exchange, wherein each child will have a turn to place their valentines in each of their classmate’s bags. *A little reminder: edible valentine treats for classmates are not permissible at Jackson Early Childhood Center.

I would like to express my appreciation to Mrs. Bator (David’s Mama) from our Discovery 3’s class and Mrs. Foust (Colton’s Mama) from our 3+ class for their gifts of extra mittens!  Thankyou ladies!

For our families that are saving “Box Tops” for us, they need to be submitted to the front office by February 26th! Thank you!

*Young Fives Registration information sheets will be available the first week of February in student mailboxes. Ask Mrs. Hendra (Ms. Katie) if you need an additional copy.


Note: We are unable to offer Vision and Hearing Screenings this year at Jackson Early Childhood Center due to limited space in our building. Wayne County Health Department offers free vision and hearing screening the 3rd Friday of each month by appointment. For an appointment parents may call (734) 727-7136


Heads Up Info:

·         Preschool Conference Week is scheduled during March. The Discovery 3’s class is an introductory class and does not participate in formal conferences. However, I am always available for my families should you want to meet with me.  *Our 3+ T./TH. a.m. conference times are scheduled for Tuesday, March 12th and 14th class during the day. Evening conferences will be available for those working parents unable to attend during the day on Wednesday, 3/13/19. Conference sign-up sheets will be posted in the hallway in a couple of weeks. We will not be in regular session during this week.  *I will have conference sign-up sheets posted in about two weeks. Conferences last approximately 15 minutes.  I look forward to meeting with you all to discuss your wonderful children!


Zoophonics: Our letters of the week for this month will include: “Oo”, Olive the Octopus; “Pp”, Pee-wee Penguin; “Qq”, Queenie Quail; and “Rr”, Robbie Rabbit!


Monthly Virtue Theme:

Kindness!  “Kindness leads to more kindness”.

Our talking points will include:

1.       Can you name 3 kind things to do for others?

2.       Have you been kind to someone today? If not, why not? If so, who? What did you do?

3.       Who has been kind to you today or another day?

4.       How did it make you feel?

5.       Why is it important to be kind to people?


February Weekly Themes:  We begin February with Kindness, Sharing & Caring Week! Our second week of the month is Hearts & Valentines” with our classroom Valentine’s Parties on Thursday, February 14th.  Our third week features - The Tooth Book by Dr. Seuss in recognition of National Children’s Dental Heath Month. Finally, for our last week of the month we will be celebrating all things DINOSAUR!!!


February Events & Dates:

·         Wednesday, February 1st – 2018-19 Kindergarten Registration Begins. *Kindergartners must be five years old by September 1, 2018. Our Young Fives program is open to five-year-olds not yet ready for kindergarten. An informational meeting will be held for parents on March 14th from 6:00-7:00 p.m. at Hayes Elementary. Registration for Young Fives begins on March 22.

·         Wednesday, February 13th – PTA Meeting

·         Thursday, February 14h – Color Pink Day!

·         Thursday, February 14thValentine’s Day Celebrations!

·         Wednesday, February 27th – Professional Development Day – No School!

It is a daily pleasure and a joy watching your children as they grow and mature, learning to control their impulses and self-regulate, practicing their listening skills and stretching their attention spans.  These are very energetic, young, classrooms working very hard every Tuesday and Thursday.  We must always remember too, that “play is the work of children”!  Thanks again for all your cooperation and support. Please feel free to speak to me after class if you have any concerns or questions.  


With appreciation, Mrs. Oppermann