Parent Guide

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the Preschool Enrichment Program at Jackson Early Childhood Center.  We are looking forward to a fun filled year, and the opportunity to work with your child. 

Your child will be provided with an environment rich with planned and spontaneous opportunities for learning and developing.  Participation with new teachers, new friends, and new things to do will enhance your child's knowledge of the world around them.  To make the transition easier, please feel free to share any concerns that you may have with us.  We are always available after each class.  If you need to discuss an issue at another time, please call the office at 734-744-2813.  My voice mail number is 70814, and I will return your call as soon as possible.

                                                Our daily schedule will include:

·         Group Time Activities (Attendance, calendar, theme discussion,

·         Weather, helper of the day, stories, and sharing)

·         Self directed and theme activities

·         Outside Play, Gross Motor Room, Gym, and Library

·         Clean Up

·         Songs, Finger Plays, Music, and Movement

·         Dismissal

Each month a newsletter and calendar will be posted on the board for your child’s class in the hallway.  The newsletter and calendar will also be available on my teacher website, as well as any updates on important events in the classroom or school.  To access my website, go to, click on Schools at the top, then click on Preschools, and then click on Jackson Early Childhood Center.  Once you have entered the Jackson Early Childhood Center website, click on Teacher Websites on the left hand side under Quick Links.  Finally, click on my name to access my website.  

I have outlined the important information that you will need to know regarding our class.  Please take some time to read through this information.  Please feel free to ask any questions as they arise.


1.      Physicals:  Please double check for the Doctor’s signature, and that the forms are

filled out completely. 

2.      Emergency Cards:  Every line must be filled in.  Check address numbers, phone

numbers, zip codes, etc.  If you are planning to car pool, the driver’s name

must be on your child’s white emergency card.  We cannot release your child to anyone who is not on the emergency card, even with verbal approval.  Check to make sure the phone numbers for emergency contacts are accurate.


3.      Child Information Sheet:  This form helps us to learn more about your child.

4.      Other Permission Slips:  Field trip, outside, and other pertinent permission

slips must be signed each year.



          Please do not park in the circular drive in front of the building under any circumstances.  DO NOT leave children unattended in a vehicle, as police will be notified.  For your child’s safety please do not allow them to climb on the front handrail or play on the grassy area located by the front ramp.  Please be courteous of other teachers walking their class down the hall and move to the side of the hallway.

The classroom door will remain closed until class time.  Please wait with your child until we invite them to come in.  When you drop off your child and pick them up, you will have to initial the sign in/out sheet. 



M/W/F Morning                      8:45-11:45 A.M.

M/W/F Afternoon                    12:45-3:45 P.M.



            Please arrive 5 minutes before the end of class.  At this time, I will call you into the classroom.  The helper of the day and I will share with you what we did in class.  Please be sure to listen quietly as an example to the children.  After the talk, the children will be released to the adult who is picking them up.  Please make sure your child is picked up on time as late pick up fees will be applied for children who are left after class dismissal.


            Each child will need a tote bag or a backpack for school.  Please put your child’s name on it.  Since “accidents” often happen, please put a complete change of clothes in the bag. 




            Each child will get several turns throughout the school year to be the "helper of the day".  They will help with the calendar and the weather bear.   They will be allowed to bring one item of their choice for show and tell.  Only the helper of the day may bring an item to share.  They will also be the line leader when we leave the classroom, and they will assist with the 5-minute talk.  Birthday helpers will get a crown to wear and will choose a small trinket to take home out of the “birthday box”.  Please remember that no food items are allowed to be brought in to school to celebrate birthdays. 


            Please let us know if your child has any allergies so that this information can be posted in the classroom. 



            Every class will include a teacher directed activity.  This may include art, writing, cooking, etc.  Every child will have an opportunity to participate but will never be forced.  Also, please remember it is the process, not the product that counts!


            We have lots of fun in preschool, and we don’t want to worry about ruining clothes.  Even the most careful child can spill their paint, so please dress your child comfortably in “play clothes”.   Children must wear rubber-soled shoes at all times (NO SANDALS), as we go to the gym, outside, and to the gross motor room.  PLEASE NOTE:  We will be going outside frequently, except during inclement weather.  Make sure that your child has all necessary clothing appropriate for the season.


            The beginning of school can be difficult for both parents and children.  Please come in to the room, help you child hang up their backpack, help them find a square on the carpet, give them a hug and a kiss and leave promptly.  Long, drawn out good-byes are hard on everyone.  Be consistent, firm and loving.  I promise that your child will be fine and I would never allow a child to be miserable.  



            Please do not call the school unless your child has a communicable disease.  If your child does have a communicable disease, please report it to the office at 734-744-2813.  Do not send your child to school if he or she has a fever or has been vomiting.  Your child must be symptom free for 24 hours following an illness in order to return to class.


1.       The most important objective for us is to build your child’s self-esteem.  We plan developmentally appropriate activities in the following areas:

a)      Language Arts-We will be using the ZOO PHONICS program to learn letter sounds and help recognize the letters.  We also use stories, games, show and tell, dramatic play, finger plays, and songs.

b)      Small muscle activities-We will be using a program called Finger Funatics for fine motor control and development.  We also use puzzles, play dough, pegboard games and cutting.

c)      Large muscle activities-We will be visiting the gym, gross motor room, and going outside to play.

d)     Social-The children will experience socialization in the dramatic play area, playing in the sandbox, through sharing time, and at the various centers.

e)      Science-We will be doing simple experiments and observations.

f)       Music-There will be a lot of music experiences through singing, tapes, CD’s and instruments

g)      Art-Some of our art will be open-ended and some will be structured.  Please allow your child to tell you about their art.  We believe in the process, not the product.  The use and exploration of materials is stressed, not how the art looks!

h)      Writing-We do not teach formal handwriting to the children.  As they show an interest in writing their name, we show them proper pencil grip and how to make letters in the manuscript style.

i)        Math-We use the same math program that the Livonia Public School students use and that is Everyday Math.  The students will be working with the PRE-K model and focus on shapes, numeracy, graphing, patterning and more.

2.       Our philosophy is to promote socialization, following directions, taking turns and good listening skills.


Thank you for your cooperation and support!  I am looking forward to a great school year!

Mrs. Sandy Stickler