My Links
Please enjoy these websites with your child. I hope they will provide you and them with some fun and learning.


Link - description
This is a wonderful site for all ages, beginning with preschoolers. Enjoy!
Finger Funatics
Please look at this website to get information about our Finger Funatics Program. You may also purchase the "parent companion" book to use at home with your preschooler and/or younger children.
Zoo Phonics
Please refer to this website if you are interested in learning about the animals and signals that we will be using in the classroom to help your child learn about their letters. The signals provide a kinesthetic approach to learning and help with the recall of the letters and the sounds they make. Enjoy!!
Early Learning Foundation
The Early Learning Foundation is dedicated to educating parents and educators so that all children have an opportunity to achieve learning success.
Abacus Counting
This site is to be used for some Abacus fun. You will need to make sure all the setting are at 10 (in the 3 boxes). Also, type in "Danish Abacus" in the choice box. Now you are ready to have your child do some counting. Just click on the bead and watch what happens. Never tell your child that there are 10 in the row. Let them figure it out in their own time. Have Fun!!!