Scholastic Book Club

I am a huge fan of the Scholastic Reading Club and I purchase all of our classroom books from them. Scholastic sells majority of the same books that you would find at any retail or bookstore at a lower price. Ordering is simple and every time you make a purchase, our classroom earns reward points; these points are used to get free books or supplies for our classroom. If you choose to order a book or two, I suggest ordering online so you will not have to pay the shipping fee

  • To order online, simply type in the URL address: 
  • Click on the "add your child" icon on the left hand side 
  • Add your child to our list by typing in your child's first name, last name and grade
  • Type in the class activation code:  MQFZ3  and click save

You will be able to browse our Pre--Kindergarten and early grades book catalogs that include the books for that month(s) by clicking the flyer view or if you know what books you already want, simply select the list view to add books.