Policies and Procedures

Room Policies and Procedures

**The Frog Room is staffed at a one adult to ten children ratio as mandated by state licensing guidelines**

 1. If your child has an allergy or any other medical need, please let the staff know prior to your child's first day of attendance.

2. Emergency card information needs to be filled out, completely, and updated when necessary.

3. Please bring a photo ID when picking up your child. Everyone must be listed on the emergency card in order to pick-up your child. (NO VERBAL APPROVAL)

4. All children must be signed in and out every day.

5. Each child will sleep/rest on a cot. All bedding needs to go home at the end of the week to be laundered. 

6. Daily naptime is from 1:00-2:30 pm for children.

7. A staff member will fill out an accident report if your child gets hurt. If there is a bite or an "above the neck" injury, you will be notified of the incident via telephone.

8. Please make sure to check your child's mailbox daily for any information or classwork/activities passed back.

9. Pack your child weather appropriate outer wear because LPS policy states we go outside 20 degrees or higher. This also includes winter months as well. (coat, gloves, snow pants, boots and hat.)

10. Please refrain from having your child bring toys from home. Exception: If it is on the calendar in advance for a special day OR if your child needs 1 comfort item for rest time. (must be plush) 

11. Please use the green bucket labeled "Homework or Notes for Ms. Megan" to put Homework, notes or any other communication that needs to get to me ASAP! I check that bucket daily as soon as I walk in! 
Items to bring from home: (labeled with your child's first and last name)

1. Back pack for your child's daily use. (To help prevent lice, coats needs to go in backpack daily)
2. Lunchbox (all food must be prepared and ready to be warmed or eaten as packed)
2. Gym shoes MUST be worn daily. 
3. Extra clothing (shirts, pants, socks, underwear)
4. Crib sheet, small blanket, small pillow and any other comfort items needed (placed in zippered bag)

*Please refer to the building packet for additional Center policies and procedures!


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